“zarathustra” (2015) – working edit sound by Dillon Cahill and Duncan Johnson

A brief reflection on the path to a meaningful life and the fall of man.

Digital SLR cutout puppet animated using multiplane.

“the river lethe: a meditation”

The legend of the River Lethe is a double-sided story of consumption; a place of conscious rebirth or numbing confinement. This short film is a meditation on forgetting in the River Lethe.

Animation drawn frame-by-frame on wacom tablet in Adobe Flash and live action.

“ursa major: star lore” (2013)

This experimental animation was created to accompany a live comparative mythology storytelling performance that I delivered in Dr. Janeann Dill’s course on the history of animation. As the film played on a screen, I told the audience ursa major constellation myths from various cultures as well as theories from folklorists regarding the significance of ursa major constellation lore. During the last portion of the film, I listed cultures that possessed ursa major constellation myths and specified which animals each culture visualized in the shape of the stars.

Digital SLR hand-drawn soft pastel palimpsest animation on paper.

“scarecrow tongue” (2012)

A scarecrow gets his tongue pierced.

Screened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the juried SMFA Film + Animation Annual.

Digital SLR 2D paper cutout stop motion. Foley recorded sound.

“Drag the Waters” (2014)

Assignment: Create an abstract animation based on a song selection.

Hand drawn soft pastel and spray paint animation.

“scarecrow mind control” (2014)

A mythology on the origin of crop circles.

Figurative animation drawn frame-by-frame on wacom tablet in adobe flash. Hand-drawn backgrounds.

Hand drawn pastel and pen+ink animations, stop motion animations, cut out animation, rotoscoped flash animation. Shot with Canon T3i or on 16mm Bolex.